Please see the below link for Willingboro Twp. Code Chapter 141 Regarding Emergency Medical Services ambulance billing.


1: What is Insurance Billing?

Insurance billing is done through an off-site billing company for the services provided by the Willingboro Twp. Emergency Medical Service. The third party billing company charges your insurance company for treatment and transport. The information you provide to us is only released to the Emergency Room Staff directly involved with your care.

 Question 2: What fees are charged to me if I call for an ambulance?

If you live in Willingboro Township and you dial 911 for a medical emergency, an ambulance is dispatched to you. We provide care and transportation to an appropriate local hospital that will be charged to your insurance company. Some critical emergencies also require the response of a Mobile Intensive Care Unit (MICU), also known as Paramedics. This service is provided by and is associated with the hospital. If they treat you in our ambulance en-route to the hospital, they charge a fee that is billed to your insurance company as well.

Question 3: How are the fees I am charged determined?

The fees for services and items provided by the Willingboro Twp. Emergency Medical Services are established by Township Ordinance.

Question 4: What if I don't have insurance?

Regardless whether you have insurance or not, you will be treated and transported by Willingboro Twp EMS to an appropriate  hospital.  For payment responsibility please see the above link.


Question 5: What is the money used for?

The fees that you are charged goes to salary and wages for Township per diem staff, supplies, maintenance and operating expenses for the ambulances associated with your care.

Questions regarding billing for ambulance services provided by Willingboro Twp. EMS, please call:

Farnsworth & Semptimphelter, LLC     (609)953-8600 or 1-800-929-1002

Ask for Char, Amy or TJ.